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This Week in Books

This Week in Books is a weekly round-up hosted by Lipsyy Lost and Found. In this post I look back on a book I've finished, highlight one I am currently reading, and one I will read in the near future. What are you reading these days?

THEN: I finished In Pain by Travis Rieder. It is a fascinating, important and compassionate look at the opioid crisis and one I would recommend to anyone trying to understand it better. You can find my full review here.

NOW: I am currently reading The Second Sleep by Robert Harris. I think I have read all of this author's books, so you could safely consider be a fan. This one is quite different from his usual historical fiction in that it is dystopian, definitely not my favorite genre, but so far it is good and I am very curious where it is going.

NEXT: I have been looking forward to Rosamund Lupton's new book Three Hours for some time and am excited to get started on it. Her other books are very atmospheric and engaging and I hope this one lives up to my expectations!