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Link Love

It's Friday, which means it's time for Link Love, where I share some of my favorite articles and blogs from the past week. There are quite a few links I found interesting and worth sharing this week. I hope you find something here you enjoy. Happy reading!

Let's start with some bookish recommendations - "He Started It" and "The Daughters of Foxcote Manor" are on my list!

10 New Books Out This Week

Looking at the common threat in crime fiction...

Pain Is Universal—That's What Binds All of Crime Fiction Together

If you're looking for a new at-home workout...

When the Gym Isn't Possible

I found myself agreeing with a lot of this...

The Dehumanizing Condescension of White Fragility

A little armchair travel...

Art Nouveau: 10 Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

Reading between the petals?

How Flower-Obsessed Victorians Encoded Messages in Bouquets

What can history teach us?

'Mask Slackers' and 'Deadly' Spit: The 1918 Flu Campaigns to Shame People Into Following New Rules

And, finally, commemorating John Lewis...

The World John Lewis Helped Create