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Link Love

I decided to take a brief step back from posting normal content in light of everything that has been happening in the US. Previously, Link Love highlighted book related articles, however, I have opted to make a small change. Instead of focusing exclusively on literary links, I will include other articles or posts on topics I have found interesting and worth reading and sharing this week. Hope you find something interesting here! Happy reading and stay safe!

One of my favorite narrators...

In Utter Celebration of Juliet Stevenson’s Brilliance as an Audiobook Narrator

If you're struggling to concentrate... (or give yourself a break and just look at Pinterest;-)

9 Long Articles to Read If You're Having Trouble Getting Through Books These Days

For some armchair travel - bookmarking this!

Photo collections from every state in the Union—a new entry each Sunday through 2020

Good question...

Can There Actually Be an Escapist Summer Read in 2020?

For some more unusual recommendations...

30 Movies That Are Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before