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Book Review: The Patient by Jasper DeWitt

The Patient by Jasper DeWitt


I was really intrigued to read The Patient and it started off so well. I was immediately engaged and curious how the story would evolve. It was all going well until about a third of the way through when it started to become ludicrous. Okay, I thought, let's see where this could go. The problem was, it went nowhere. The ending was so dissatisfying! I won't give anything away, but this book was all build up, and the conclusion was a real cop out, when it could have been really clever. I've been in a bit of a crime fiction rut, everything seeming a little predictable, but I'd prefer that to a book that leaves its readers hanging at the end! The writing was really engaging and the atmosphere very creepy, I will give the author that, and the premise had me very intrigued, but the sci-fi element and that ending were ultimately deal-breakers for me.