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Book Review: The Boy from the Woods by Harlan Coben

The Boy from the Woods


Harlan Coben

I'm sorry to say, I did not like this one. It was so formulaically Harlan Coben and it's my own fault for picking it up, because I am a tepid fan of the author at best. That said, his books are usually entertaining and that's all I was hoping for. Unfortunately, I was not entertained at all. Every character felt like a caricature to me and the story very tired. Obviously, I am in the minority here, and to be honest, that makes me happy, because I wish for people to love what they are reading and to write glowing reviews. I know a lot of work goes into every book and it is for that reason I am not giving a star rating. I want to acknowledge that these times are strange and there is a lot on my mind that could have affected how I read this. That being said, I also just started "Ghettoside" and am already fascinated, so it can't totally be a case of "it's me not the book". In any case, if you do pick this one up, I hope you love it the way so many readers seem to. For me, sadly, it was a disappointment.