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Book Review: Sadie by Courtney Summers

Sadie by Courtney Summers


This is a tough book to get through, yet it was also compulsively readable (or rather listenable, as I opted or the audio version, which I think made the podcast aspect feel more real). I agree with other reviewers that is is relevant and emotional, yet also deeply disturbing and will be triggering to some. That being said, I did not feel it was as original or inventive as I had expected it to be, given so many rave reviews. Often my expectations for popular and very highly rated books are so high, I might judge them with different criteria than books that are averagely rated, because I find I am often disappointed in them. Sadie wasn't disappointing, and I think it's Courtney Summer's best, but it if you're looking something that will blow you away with clever twists and turns, this may not be it. Then again, I probably read too much crime fiction to be easily surprised by it anymore;-)