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Book Review: Fentanyl, Inc. by Ben Westhoff

Fent anyl, Inc.: How Rogue Chemists Are Creating the Deadliest wave of the Opioid Epidemic by Ben Westhoff


A little too technical and long-winded at times, but overall, a thorough and very informative read. I would probably recommend Travis Rieder's In Pain and Dopesick by Beth Macy before I recommended this, because they were a little less clinical, and more compassionate and thoughtful. That being said, Fentanyl, Inc. is still worth reading, and certainly provides an in-depth look at the opioid epidemic. In the midst of the turmoil 2020 has brought, this crisis has gone under a bit, but it's important to remember this is still real, people are still suffering and something can still be done to turn things around.

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