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Blog Tour: Ring of Spies by Alex Gerlis

Today I am excited to join the blog tour for Alex Gerlis' new book Ring of Spies, Book 3 in the Richard Prince Thrillers series. I am a big fan of historical mysteries and was excited to get a chance to read this, in part because I know my dad enjoyed the first book in the series quite a bit! Happy reading!

Ring of Spies by Alex Gerlis

As the war approaches its end, Prince once more has to risk everything.

Berlin, 1939: A German intelligence officer learns a top agent is quickly moving up the British Army ranks. He bides his time.

Arnhem, 1944: British paratroopers have been slaughtered in one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War. A shell shocked officer is convinced: the Germans knew they were coming.

But who betrayed them?

Back in London, Richard Prince, detective and spy, is approached by MI5 about a counterintelligence operation. Information is leaking and British troops are dying. Prince has to stop it, and crack the suspected spy ring at all costs. But in the world of espionage nothing is as it seems...

The latest WWII espionage thriller from Alex Gerlis is perfect for readers of Robert Harris, John le Carré and Alan Furst.

My Review:


Ring of Spies caught my attention, because I enjoy books that bring together history and mystery. This one is set in 1944, with Richard Prince a wartime spy on a mission to find out why British troops are being killed and who might have betrayed them. The character instantly appealed to me and is well developed and intriguing. I also felt Gerlis must devote himself to historical research, because the setting seemed very real and immersive. I don't want to give away the plot, but this book was fast paced and kept my attention from start to finish.I felt it could be read as a standalone, though there were a few points where I felt there were a few gaps in my knowledge since I hadn't read the previous books. However, having read Ring of Spies now, I may well go back and read the other books as well. For fans of authors like John Le Carré or spy fiction in general, this is sure to please!

Many thanks to Canelo and Dampebbles Blog Tours for a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author:

Alex Gerlis is the author of the acclaimed Spies series of four Second World War espionage thrillers which are noted for their detailed research and intricate plots and feature two great adversaries: the British spymaster Edgar and his Soviet counterpart Viktor. The television/film rights for The Best of Our Spies have been bought by a major production company.

Born in Lincolnshire, Alex was a BBC journalist for nearly 30 years. He lives in west London with his wife and family and three black cats, a breed which makes cameo appearances in his books. He’s a lifelong supporter of Grimsby Town, which has provided some preparation for the highs and lows of writing novels. When asked if he has worked in the field of espionage he declines to answer in the hope some people may think he has.

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