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Mini Reviews: War by Sebastian Junger and The Bassoon King by Rainn Wilson

WAR by Sebastian Junger


War is my second book by Junger, and I found it to be even better than Tribe. He has a thoughtful, though also analytical approach to this subject and his style of writing is engaging, reading almost like fiction. If only it were fiction. War is an unflinching portrait of a reality human's have contended with and participated in almost since the dawn of civilization. He details his own experiences as a reporter, his relationship with the soldiers, their attitudes, fears, the trust and brotherhood between them and even small pleasures that make the precarious situations in which they find themselves bearable. Junger honors those who fight, as he follows them over the course of 15 months in Afghanistan. I found this to be a truly fascinating, moving read and not one I will be quick to forget. This is an author I will return to, I am sure of that.

THE BASSOON KING by Rainn Wilson


The Bassoon King is a fun, and at times quite thoughtful book, that fans of The Office will surely enjoy. There were parts I found really engaging - his reflections on the way he grew up, anecdotes on The Office, and his notes on spirituality - while others didn't really grab my attention so much. All in all, though, I enjoyed reading this book and seeing the elements of Dwight Schrute that are present in Wilson's personality as well:-)