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10 Books to Get Away From Politics

I live in Washington DC, which feels like the apex of political talk, but I imagine no one in this country - or any, for that matter - isn't yearning for a little distraction from all this frustrating news. Of course, it's important to stay engaged, but I suspect I am far from alone in feeling slightly drained from the endless drone of the news cycle. For me, reading provides a distraction and at least temporarily mutes the endless chatter. I thought I'd round up some of the more engaging books I read in recent months, which I hope will provide a little escapism for you as well:-)

Happy reading!

The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne

This is a gem of a book, and one of my recent favorites!

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

A taut, twisty thriller that kept me eagerly turning the pages!

The Blackhouse by Peter May

Transported me to the rugged island of Lewis and drew me into a clever and engaging mystery with multi-faceted characters.

The Daughters of Palatine Hill by Phyllis T. Smith

This book accompanied me on a trip to Rome and as I was wandering the Roman forum, the characters hundreds of years ago were doing the same, though with rather more intrigue in their hearts...

The Other Woman by Sandie Jones

A smart page-turner that kept me engaged and guessing until the end!

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

This rare foray into fantasy proved a delight for me! A smart, highly imaginative book with great world-building and intriguing characters.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

Though this is not a cheerful form of escapism, it tells a truly compelling story, made all the more interesting by recent developments.

Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Andersen

If you're looking for something short and funny that speaks to your neuroses;-)

Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski

Perfect for fans of true crime podcasts, this short novel starts slow, but the building tension makes for an engaging read.

Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton

If you want to be distracted and are not averse to something really creepy to do the trick, this is the book for you. Be warned, best read in daylight...