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Book Review: A Different Kind of Angel by Paulette Mahurin

A Different Kind of Angel by Paulette Mahurin


Whenever Paulette Mahurin publishes another book, I know I am in for a beautifully researched and written story. This time, she takes readers to the end of the 19th century with Klara Gelfman, who is forced to leave her home in Kiev and start anew in New York City. It's a harrowing story, but ultimately hopeful, though i don't want to give anything away. It's incredible and infuriating to read about how few rights women had at this time (less than 200 years ago?!) I also liked that it was based on the true reporting of Nellie Bly, with whom I was familiar. I love historical fiction and Mahurin has a way of creating memorable characters and plots to bring events of the past much closer, to make them feel very real and relevant. It also made me think how important it is for us to remember the past and the horrors that occurred so they will not be repeated, though when I read the news, I fear much learning still needs to be done.

This is an excellent book and I would absolutely recommend it to fans of historical fiction!