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Mini Reviews: The Blackhouse by Peter May and Revolution for Dummies by Bassem Youssef

The Blackhouse by Peter May

4.5 *****

I really enjoyed The Blackhouse, a book with a gripping plot, multi-faceted protagonist and deeply atmospheric setting. The writing was engaging, and I felt immersed in the story, which shifted from past to present. Though the ending wasn't as spectacular as I had hoped, given the intensity of the built up, I enjoyed this book quite a bit and would read the others in the series as well. Recommended!

Revolution for Dummies by Bassem Youssef


"The textbook of fear is the same everywhere." Bassem Youssef has a unique voice and a great way of telling a serious, important story without being horribly depressing. he is a comedian and uses his wit and intelligence to explain how his life in Egypt changed with the Arab Spring and ensuing troubles. As someone who has always had a particular interest in Egypt, this was a truly gripping, eye-opening read. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to better understand the conflicts and history of this country.