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Link Love

It's Friday, which means it's time for Link Love, where I share some of my favorite bookish articles and blogs from the past week. There are quite a few links I found interesting and worth sharing this week. I hope you find something here you enjoy. Happy reading!

Prolific writer Alexander McCall Smith talks about why you shouldn't trust author's 'books of the year' lists. First of all, I enjoyed the article because he is a very likable author, but secondly, how is it that we are discussing the end of the year?! I can't believe it's almost November!

Alexander McCall Smith: Why you can't trust 'books of the year lists

On CrimeReads, author Catriona McPherson examines some of the mother archetypes in crime fiction. I thought this was an interesting look at some of this genres most intriguing archetypal figures, especially the mother who is somewhere between a victim and a villain.

The Mother Archetypes of Crime Fiction

Electric Lit rounded up some of the best word book covers and they really are quite something!

These Books Covers Are So Terrible You Won's Believe They're Real

This article from Bookriot looks at a reader in a country where she says reading is not considered a popular habit. The author is Portuguese and she says reading is not a habit ingrained in her culture, which I cannot speak on myself, having only been once, but her argument is interesting.

How to be a reader in a country where reading isn't a habit?

Finally, let's end on a list. Here are a few of the books that defined the 1950s. There are some really controversial and timeless books on this list, such as Lolita and Atlas Shrugged (the former) and The Lord of the Rings (the latter). It is interesting to see which books were considered so significant in the decade post Second World War and how people reacted to them

The 10 Books that Defines the 1950s