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Mini Reviews: Watching You by Lisa Jewell and Snap by Belinda Bauer



Lisa Jewell was true to her usual form in Watching You, crafting a clever and compelling story with engaging, multi-faceted characters and a well-plotted mystery. I did guess at the ending early on, but not how it came to pass, so I was very happy to read on and wasn't bored. This is just one of those authors I will always reach for when she has a new book, because I just find her style so readable. Recommended! Thanks to Netgalley for supplying me with a copy of Watching You in exchange for an honest review.



Snap was my first book by Belinda Bauer, but it won't be my last (recommendations much appreciated)! The story is so unusual and though the mystery itself didn't seem terribly inventive, it's the characters who absolutely make this book. I am a character-driven reader as it is, so Jack, his sisters, DI Marvel and Reynolds were really intriguing and made this a story well worth reading. I did guess at the ending a bit in advance, but I was curious to see whether I was right and how it would be reached. If you're looking for a slightly unusual mystery that is dark with splashes of dry humor, this is for you.