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Book Review: Remember Me by Lynda Renham

3.5 stars Overall, I did enjoy this book and was gripped by the story from start to finish. That being said, I feel it will be a little forgettable for me, maybe just because I have been reading so much crime fiction lately and the stories are starting to blur together. The ones that stand out do so as they have memorable characters more even than an engaging plot. The characters in Remember Me, though interesting enough, were not as well developed as I might have hoped. I also have to mention something which is becoming a real pet peeve and was present in this book (as well as many others in this genre, I've begun to notice). When the female character is noticing something weird going on or something creepy and the husband is really quick to dismiss her. Often he is more willing to believe wife is losing her grip on reality than trusting her suspicions or intuition! This is so annoying to me! If my husband were to treat me as if I'm going crazy instead of trusting my fears, I would be furious! Please tell me I am not alone with this peeve;-) That aside, though, Remember Me was a solid psychological thriller and the final twist came as quite a stunning surprise! I would read more by this author in the future. Find more reviews and bookish fun at