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Link Love

It's Friday, which means it's time for Link Love, where I share some of my favorite bookish articles and blogs from the past week. Happy reading!

Circe by Madeline Miller is one of my most anticipated reads of 2018. I was excited to come across this interview with the author, where she discusses her inspiration behind the book and her interest in mythology.

With Circe, Madeline Miller Created a Feminist Odyssey

Another interesting interview, is this one I came across between Édouard Louis and Zadie Smith. They discuss the current political climate, identity and individual experience.

Édouard Louis and Zadie Smith on a distracting political landscape

Have you seen the trailer for the new film about writer Mary Shelley? It looks very atmospheric, with a strong feminist slant and the casting is good, in my opinion. Would you be interested in seeing this?

Elle fanning is Your Angsty, Pre-Frankenstein Mary Shelley

We've all taken the sorting hat quiz, right? I'll admit, I may have been unreasonably proud to be sorted into Gryffindor, but I'm sticking with it;-) Bookriot concocted this new version of the quiz telling you which kingdom of Middle Earth you beloong to. I got Rohan, and am not unhappy about it. What did you get?

The Sorting Hat Quiz: Lord of the Rings Edition

Two quizzes may seem excessive, but they are literary! I found this one on Buzzfeed, and got Emma and Fanny. Not my ideal outcome - Fanny is such a dud - but it could be worse. Which combination are you? And more imprtantly, which combination would you like to be?

Which Combination of Jane Austen Heroines Are You?

World Book Day is coming up on h 23rd of April, and Bookriot has rounded up some free reads with which to celebrate!

Celebrate World Book Day With Free Reads From Amazon

And I thought I'd end this week's round-up with this little gem - Kanye West (yes THE Kanye West - rapper, ranter, "fashion designer") is apparently writing a book about philosophy. Now I am no fan of the man, so I am undeniably biased, but someone well known for his incoherent ranting is, perhaps, not bets suited for this task. We shall see. What do you think? Would you read a philosophy text by Kanye West?

Kanye West Says He's Writing a Philosophy Book