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Two Mini Book Reviews!

THE SURROGATE by Louise Jensen


This was an easy read, but not wholly satisfying. The story moves quickly, which I liked, but the main character, Kat, got annoying fairly quickly. That being said, I was interested in the story and the mystery, and though the final twist felt a little too orchestrated, I didn't see it coming. This would make for a good holiday read, when you are looking to be entertained and not much more. I would read another book by this author in the future.

SIXTH WINDOW by Rachel Abbott


This is the sixth book in this series about DCI Tom Douglas, and though I like Tom, the plot did not really hold my attention. It felt a bit of a slog, unfortunately, and I mostly guessed at the identity of the villains fairly early on. I am not writing off this series, because some of the other books were really good, but this one just fell flat for me. I think sometimes in long-standing series, it is only natural that one book is maybe not as good (in my humble opinion) as some of the others. I'll probably give the next one a

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