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Book Review: Everless by Sara Holland

“I know better than to be afraid of stories” ― Sara Holland, Everless


I was a little worried about going into Everless with high expectations, but happily, they were not disappointed. The story gripped me from the start and the world-building was well done and immersive. I also like Jules beyond some of the other YA heroines whose story I have been reading. She is a little softer, a little more vulnerable and empathetic and as much as I like a tough and hardy female protagonist, I relate better to ones who are a little reserved, who are afraid when circumstances demand it, and who truly care about others. She may not necessarily be considered a "badass" as seems to be the highest compliment these days, but I don't see why a woman can only be seen as strong if she is loud and brash and unemotional. Being kind is a virtue, too. Even if, frustratingly, women are still forced constantly to compete to be treated as equal to men, I don't think they should have to adopt testosterone-y qualities to prove their worth and capability. You can be a feminist and get things done without being hard and tough all the time. Maybe I am being idealistic, though. What do you think? I know this is a bit of a tangent, and Everless, though a good book, may not quite warrant my little rant, but there you have it. Books can take you places you didn't even think they would:-) Anyway . . . this was a solid YA fantasy and I look forward to seeing how the story will continue, though I do wish some of these books were just standalones. Why does every YA fantasy I read have to turn into a series, where I have to wait at least a year to see what happens next! Does anyone else feel this way? Or can you recommend a good standalone?