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Mini Review: Just Between Us by Rebecca Drake


I noticed very early on that this book is quite reminiscent of Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I really enjoyed Moriarty's book, so this might have been perfectly fine, except that I couldn't help comparing the two and in that comparison, I am sorry to say, Just Between Us did not come out on top. My issue was mostly with the characters, who were all not very likable or even very well-developed. The plot was a little predictable, too, though if the characters had been intriguing, I wouldn't have cared all that much if the plot was not the strongest. That being said, it is a very easy, readable book and I sped through it quickly. It's the sort of book you want to take on holiday or when you want entertainment, but not too much stimulation. I don't want to sound negative about it, because it's not bad, just ultimately quite forgettable for me. If you are looking for domestic suspense, I would recommend Liane Moriarty or Lisa Jewell. Funnily enough, I am reading a book with almost the same title now, Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon, and though the characters are also not super likable, they are fun to read about.