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Three Mystery Mini Reviews


The Woman in the Window got so much hype, I was wary to read it, but then I got started and couldn't put it down. The story reminded me a little of The Girl on the Train (which I thought was ok, but nothing that exciting), however, it is better written and the ending definitely more complex. I guessed a part of the mystery's solution early on, but without confirmation of my suspicions, I was nonetheless gripped until the end. Anna is a compelling character, and I could help but root for her. It's been a while since a hyped-up thriller/mystery managed to live up to the excitement for me, but this one did and I certainly recommend it to fans of the genre.

3.5 **** Though it took me a while to finish, I thought The Girlfriend was a solid mystery. It was cleverly plotted, if a little slow paced, and the characters were intriguing and multi-dimensional. It had certain predictable aspects, which made me guess the ending fairly early on, but I didn't really mind. That being said, 450 pages is too long for this story. it could easily have been told in 300. All the same, it was a good read and I'll keep my eye out for this author's futures books.


I had read mixed reviews of Friend Request, but there were slim pickings at the Mumbai airport where I bought it, so I was just happy to have a new book for my flight. I am quite happy to say that it was surprisingly engaging. The premise intrigued me, and the story was well plotted and fast paced. Can't wait to read this author's next book!