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The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

“A trial is nothing but a competition to tell the best story. Whoever sways the jury wins the trial.” ― Karin Slaughter, The Good Daughter

3.5 stars****

The Good Daughter was my first book by Karin Slaughter and I'm not entirely sure it might not be my last as well. Don't get me wrong, it was a good book, well written and plotted, quite gripping, if a bit too long. But it also reminded me why I had eschewed the author thus far. Other reviewers often comment how gory and graphic her books can be and even though I read a lot (possibly too much) crime fiction, I am a little squeamish and don't love super graphic descriptions, especially when they feel a little gratuitous as they occasionally did here, at least for me. This did make for a very creepy, unsettling atmosphere, though, so if you're less of a wimp than me, you might really take to this book and the author's style. As for the story, I was intrigued from start to finish, even if there were a few stretches which felt repetitive and might have easily been chopped out and made the book a tiny bit shorter. When thrillers are 500+ pages as The Good Daughter is, they inevitably lose a bit of the tension that makes me want to race to the end. Nonetheless, it's a solid mystery and the characterization is developed and well done. I won't write off the author yet, because ten years ago I never read crime fiction and would not have thought I'd ever be a big fan of the genre, and now it probably comprises 75% of everything I read. I might just get over my squeamishness and return to Slaughter's long list of works (By the way, if that is really her name, she was obviously born for this profession!). For now, though, I am reaching for a fluffy Jenny Colgan novel to counteract this dark and twisty one.