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Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton


Daisy in Chains is the psychological thriller I have been waiting for! The last few have been quite so-so, and I put off reading this one, because, to be totally honest, I didn't like the cover. Well, that will teach be not to judge on looks. Daisy in Chains is a creepy, clever and atmospheric mystery told from several points of view and revolving around a convicted serial killer, Hamish, his lawyer, Maggie, and the policeman who initially got him arrested. It's fast-paced with new twists around every page. I don't want to reveal much about the plot, because any spoilers would really ruin it. I finished it in three days, because it was so hard to put down! Though I did suspect what the resolution would be and my suspicions were confirmed in the end, I was nonetheless totally gripped by the plot and the characters were intriguing and well developed. There were lots of clever small details that only fully slotted into place when the picture was complete in the end. I will definitely keep and eye on this author in the future!