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It's Friday, which means it's time for Link Love, where I share my favorite bookish articles and blogs I came across this week. Happy reading!

Emma sometimes gets a bit of a hard rap, but I happen to be very fond of Austen's sassy heroine. Literary Hub features a contemporary reader's notations of the novel. Let's just say, they were not very impressed...

Jane Austen's Emma Was Basically Torn Apart in Workshop

For something a little sweeter, Literary Hub also offers an article discussing the friendships of some of the most loved female authors.

The Little Known Friendships of Iconic Women Writers

Kazuo Ishiguro won the Nobel Prize for Literature this year and here he has rounded up a few of his favorite books.

Never Let Me Go Author Kazuo Ishiguro's Favorite Books

The Guardian published an interesting piece about the way Amazon review reflect US politics. Whether or not you read Hillary Clinton's latest book, What Happened, you probably have an opinion regarding the author. You can find my own review here.

How Amazon Review Became the New Battlefield of US Politics

And finally, if you have a bit of extra cash lying around, may I bring you attention to the listing of the "Great Gatsby" mansion? Thirteen bedrooms on the waterfront, marble swimming pool and forty acres... Then again, the money might be better spent on books!

"Great Gatsby" Mansion Listed for $17 Million by "Big Short" Icon

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