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What Goes Down by Natalie K. Martin

Today I am joining the weekend blog blitz for What Goes Down by Natalie K. Martin. What Goes Down is a multi-dimensional story about love, loss and starting over. Natalie offers some insight into her work by rounding up a few of the things she needs in her life to be a writer. Thanks Natalie!

Happy reading!

Things I can't be a writer without

We all have things we can't live without: air, water, Netflix. Being a writer probably means I should say my MacBook, or a local coffee shop to write in or something, right?

1. Sex and the City

I mean honestly, what did people do before this show? Hello. My name is Natalie and I'm an SATC addict. I've seen them all I don't even know how many times and I still squeal/cry/shout at the screen every time. It's such an indulgence for me - my go to when I'm feeling rubbish. And, it's also a sure-fire way to make sure I give my typing fingers a rest. When I'm in the writing flow, taking a SATC break with a bowl of pasta is complete perfection. It's just long enough to help me relax a little but not so long that I can't do anything else afterwards. As for which character I identify the most with? *cough* all of them.

2. Spotify

Isn't it just the best invention ever? I'm a playlist addict and I've got soundtracks for all my books filled with music to fit the scene/mood/era. The soundtrack to What Goes Down has to be my favourite so far. Ben Howard, Birdy, Sia, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Simply Red - they're all there. If there was a way to incorporate a soundtrack into an ebook, I think I would explode with excitement.

3. Morning Pages

Okay, so I don't do it every morning because sometimes I'm just too tired, but it's on my list of things to improve. The idea is that when you wake up in the morning, the very first thing you should do before you talk to anyone, look at your phone or get any outside influence is grab a pen and write whatever comes to mind. Three A4, longhand pages of literally whatever comes out - a stream of consciousness. I struggled at first. I wrote so much nonsense, half-asleep babble and stuff I couldn't even understand. And three A4 pages seems to go on forever and ever, ever. But, I stuck at it and what I will say, is that it's in my morning pages when I get some cracking for books. It's like digging for treasure and sifting through the rubbish (i.e.. random thoughts like, whatever happened to Ian Beale's ex-wife off EastEnders) to get to the good stuff. Go on, try it!

4. Yoga

What's that, you say? Yoga? What's touching your toes got to do with writing? For me - it's everything. I've been practicing for years and have a teaching qualification. But I'm one of those unfortunate types who incessantly think about stuff (see above). I have a mind that, if unchecked, will run away with itself and yoga helps me to calm that down. When I'm feeling stressed or frustrated, I go to a class and just let go. By the time I'm done, I can look at my manuscript again with fresh eyes. Gaining strength or flexibility is an added bonus. Like the saying goes, it's not about being able to touch your toes, it's about what happens on way down.

Find it on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Goodreads and follow Natalie on Twitter @NatKMartin or her website.

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