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Link Love

“Of all things, I liked books best.” ― Nikola Tesla

It's Friday, which means it's time Link Love, where I share my favorite bookish articles and blog posts I came across this week. Happy reading!

Goodreads is a bookworms paradise and they are celebrating their tenth anniversary all throughout the month of September. To join in the celebrations, you can participate in Hide a Book Day (which was Monday this week, but really continues all month long).

Hide a Book Day: Goodreads Celebrates 10th Anniversary

LitHub highlights 25 classes famous authors teach. Which would you like to attend? I wouldn't mind sitting in on one with Junot Dìaz.

The Classes 25 Famous Writers Teach

Fully Booked Reviews created a list of the best literary podcasts. Lots of goodies there, and I would only add the Bookriot podcast:-)

My Favorite Literary Podcasts

The Bookseller published an interesting article on the role and reason behind book clubs in organizations. They foster a sense of inclusion and belonging, which employers desire in their companies. Do you belong to a book club at work?

Why book clubs are the new business must-have