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The Other Half of Happiness


Hm... on the one hand, I really zipped through The Other Side of Happiness and it is very readable largely due to its chatty nature. On the other hand I am left feeling quite disappointed. This book had none of the lightness and much less of the clever humor that made Sofia Khan is Not Obliged (the first book in the series) such a treat. I had really been looking forward to something lighter and Bridget Jones-ey without being predictable and silly, and what I got was a slightly disjointed and rather glum story that never felt satisfying to me, even at the end. I don't like to write a negative review, and Sofia was still a likable character, but I really hated her romantic relationship (if it can be called that). Conall drove me bonkers with his moodiness and misplaced self-righteousness. They don't communicate and I really feel that is the central conflict of the story, which makes it a fairly boring one. The one bright spot in this novel is Sofia's mother, who is such a character!Again, I hate to be negative, especially because I really enjoyed the previous book in this series, but I was just quite disappointed, and I am not sure I would rush to return to this series when the next book is published. Have you read this book or Sofia Khan is Not Obliged? What did you think?