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This Week in Books

This Week in Books is a fun meme hosted by Lipsyy Lost and Found. In this post I look back on a book I've finished, highlight one I am currently reading, and one I will read in the near future. What are you reading these days?

THEN: I just finished Truly Madly Guiltily by Liane Moriarty. It definitely took me much longer to get into in than her other books - and I've read them all! o be honest, I never really connected with the characters and the story, though in typical Moriarty fashion a domestic drama, fell a little flat of expectation. If you are looking to start reading this author's books, I would start with Big Little Lies, What Alice Forgot or The Last Anniversary.

NOW: I got a copy of Exit West by Mohsin Hamid in my Book of the Moth box a while ago, but haven't gotten round to reading it yet. I've heard good things and it's a fairly short read, shy of 300 pages, and I'm curious how it will live up to the positive reviews. Fingers crossed!

LATER: Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney is another Book of the Month book that has been sitting on my shelf shamefully neglected. I love the cover (and slightly covet that blue hat), so I am keen to start this soon and see if the inside matches the outside.