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This Week in Books

“So many books, so little time.” ― Frank Zappa

This Week in Books is hosted by Lipsyy Lost and Found and is on this blog for the first time! n this post I look back on a book I've finished, highlight one I am currently reading, and one I will read in the near future.

THEN: I just finished Duplicity by Sibel Hodge. It's a clever psychological thriller, and definitely my favorite by the author so far.

NOW: I started reading the much-hyped The Dry by Jane Harper. I'm about half-way through and so far, I can understand the fuss, it's hard to put down, and even harder to believe this is a debut novel!

LATER: My to-read pile is toppling, so I never quite know what I will reach for next, but I am leaning towards Missing Presumed by Susie Steiner. I have read pretty solid review of this book, and it's about time I formed my own opinion . . . plus the library has finally freed up a copy for me, and by the amount of time it took, I have to guess it is in high demand!