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Her Every Fear

“It was a beautiful spring night, the air rain-washed and smelling of crushed blossoms, and Henry felt as if the muscles of his body were singing in unison.” ― Peter Swanson, Her Every Fear


Her Every Fear is my second book by Peter Swanson, and after his thrilling previous novel, The Kind Worth Killing I had rather lofty expectations. The story is told from multiple POVs, which I usually enjoy and which is done well, definitely adding an element of uncertainly, and which made me wonder which, if any, of the narrators was reliable. Kate Priddy agrees to a house swap with a cousin, Corbin Dell, whom she has never met. She travels to Boston to move into his luxurious apartment, while he goes to London to take her flat. What becomes clear, though flash-backs and the development of the story, is that both are trying to run from something in their past. When the woman in Kate's (formerly Corbin's) apartment is found gruesomely murdered, Kate finds herself wondering about this cousin who is really a stranger to her, and whether he could be connected to the crime. I won't say much more on the plot for fear of spoiling it, but it is certainly fast-paced, with interesting characters and solid writing. My little gripe with the story is that I felt it was a little predictable. Maybe I've been reading too much crime fiction, but somehow I sense who the murderer was very early on. This did not keep me from wanting to know if I was right, but when the resolution came, I was a little underwhelmed. That being said, I absolutely sped through this, and definitely look forward to whatever Swanson comes up with next.