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Behind Her Eyes

"The thought is a knife in my suddenly bitter and black heart." - Sarah Pinborough, Behind Her Eyes


When a book comes with the hashtag #wtfthatending, I am intrigued and slightly dubious. However, in the case of Sarah Pinborough's latest, Behind Her Eyes, the hype is justified.

The story is told by Louise and Adele, two women who meet after Adele's husband, David, takes a new job at a doctor's office where Louise works. Louise is a single mum, newly divorced and a bit down, and she is quick to form a deep tie with Adele. Yet, she also quickly notices something is quite odd in Adele and David's marriage.

There is so much I want to say about this book, but I won't because too much information would just spoil it, even though that ending is so unpredictable!

There is an element of the supernatural in this story, which can really backfire, but in this case, it reminded me of Rosamund Lupton's, Afterwards, where it worked perfectly to built the eerie atmosphere and deliver a shocking ending. I had guessed a part of it, but the final twist was totally twisted and unexpected, but when I went back a little, the clues were sort of there, which makes this book all the more inventive and clever.

This story was definitely an original, smart page turner, and I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next!

I was thrilled to receive and ARC of this book by Flatiron Books in exchange for an honest review.

Behind Her Eyes will be published 31 January 2017