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The Inheritance

"It was the warmest day since the snowfall, and the city was dripping, the sounds of thousands of drops making a sunny melody, people's gazes gradually unfreezing too."

-Charles Finch, "The Inheritance"


I'm sure I've mentioned this before in a review of another book in this series, but what I love most about Lenox is that he seems so real. We may be separated by time space and realms of fiction vs. reality, and still I am surprised sometimes reading the books that I can never meet Charles Lenox. In my experience, books with characters like these are the ones that stick with me the longest. Details of the mystery may blur, but I remember what the characters did, how they felt and how I watched the progression of their lives through hundreds and hundreds of pages.

"The Inheritance" case brings an old friend back into Lenox's life, and old friend, but a new case. As the title would suggest, the story centers around a mysterious inheritance, but also a mystery of their shared school days at Harrow, dubious East End gangs and the Royal Society.

This book, like all the others in this series, is packed with historical detail (I always feel I learn a lot about Victorian life through Lenox), beautiful language and characters I have grown very fond of, as mentioned above. I was happy for Dallington to have a substantial role and for McConnell to be doing much better than he had in some of the previous books. I also very much appreciate that time, in this series, actually moved forward and the protagonist grows older and develops with the changes life throws at him.

As for the mystery itself, there were plenty of red herrings to make me guess who the culprit might be, but the resolution did end up being a surprise, which I always value in a mystery. The only criticism I have is that I will have to wait another year to find out what is happening next with my old pal Lenox and his memorable coterie!