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A New Book and Due Thanks!

This December (next month!) the new Lady Evelyn Mystery, A Darker Shore will be published, taking Evelyn on a new adventure - you guessed it - to another shore. To get to this point of publication, one person has been more helpful, more of a partner than anyone else, and this book and any in this series, exist as they are because my mother and first reader, Petra, spends countless hours going through them. They are a result of her stiff neck and sore shoulders, her diligent marking, revising and rewriting in colorful pens for me to take back to my computer and fuss about. As someone who knows Lady Evelyn almost as well as I do, a voracious reader and scholar of the English language, her input and work is enormously important and the books would be shadows of the end result. My name may be on the cover, but her influence is on every page. Thank you!