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You're Never Weird on the Internet

“The internet is amazing because it connects us with one another. But it’s also horrific because . . . it connects us with one another.” ― Felicia Day, You're Never Weird on the Internet


I read this book purely on the merit of its good reviews, not knowing who Felicia Day was or really what the book would be about. I really tend to avoid non-fiction, but occasionally delve into the genre when I spot a good cover, title or an intriguing premise for a memoir. While, at times, I felt Day was whacking me over the head with her perpetual insistence that she is nerdy and quirky and unique, I did feel that she meant well. I don't play video games and never watched her online series, so parts of this book didn't particularly touch me. What I did find interesting was to read about someone building their career on an online presence, and excitement for this new medium of spreading information/entertainment (new in the 90s, I mean, not now...though even now, to me largely inexplicable) As someone who is just getting the hang of certain social media, I was intrigued to hear about how she built her whole brand this way, and that, despite her success, her need for perfection drove her into a state of depression. There is a balance of seriousness and lightheartedness in book, but ultimately, I had expected something that would have me laughing aloud, looking like a big weirdo in the Metro, and that didn't happen. Still, it was short and easy, and might be an absolute thrill for rabid Felicia Day fans (it seems there are quite a few).