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Baby Doll

"If this was a trap, there was no hope for Lily. She knew his punishment would be fatal." -Hollie Overton


BABY DOLL is sold as something which would appeal to fans of Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn (a tag that seems to be stamped on all new psychological thrillers these days...). In any case, I was expected, if nothing else, to be gripped by a creepily engaging story. Unfortunately, this feeling vacillated quite a bit. The book is told in various POVs and certain ones are definitely more interesting than others, leading me to lose interest in chunks of the book, while it picked up for others. Also, while obviously feeling for the victims of this story, I never connected to any of the characters, which tends to downgrade a book in my eyes. I don't need lovely characters I want to be best friends with (though it's always wonderful if that is the case), but I do need characters who can hold my attention. Another little niggle is that there were so many occasions when this book reminded me so much of ROOM by Emma Donaghue, which was quite excellent, and I'm afraid BABY DOLL suffered in the comparison. Overton does have a good way of writing, with flowing dialogue and the multiple POVs are done smoothly, which is certainly a skill! I also wanted to know the outcome of the story, even if the characters weren't quiet doing it for me, so I kept reading. I was surprised by the ending, though I'm not sure I liked it. Overall, decent entertainment, but ultimately, I think it will blend into the hazy area of so-so mysteries in my mind. I received this book from Netgalley and have written what I think is a fair and fitting review, thanks!