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The Girl in the Ice

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“Behind every powerful man is a woman who knows how to push his buttons. Good” ― Robert Bryndza, The Girl In The Ice


The Girl in the Ice caught my attention a while ago. The cover is quite creepy, as is the title and I guess I don't know what it says about me that I was instantly intrigued...;-) In any case, the story lived up to my expectations. The plot is tight and gripping and I liked the personal development of the protagonist, Erika Foster. The book reminded me very strongly of Angela Marson's series, but that's not a bad thing. Both books have a somewhat abrasive protagonist, who, I suspect in this case, too, will grow on me as the series progresses. I found the ending a little hurried and predictable, but maybe I've just been reading too much crime fiction. Overall, a satisfying, well written and plotted psychological thriller. Looking forward to the next installment in this promising series!

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