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The Children

“And I’ve met a lot of people online whom I consider to be my very good friends, though we’ve never actually met in real life.” ― Ann Leary, The Children


I read Ann Leary's 'The Good House' a few years ago and remember enjoying it, so I was very excited to win a copy of her latest novel 'The Children' this summer. This novel carries a similar tone as 'The Good House', but I found it even more engaging and I zipped through it in two or three days. The story centers around a family in Connecticut, whose patriarch has passed away (no spoiler!) and it explores the aftermath of this event. Mostly, however, this is a book about relationships we have with the people in our lives and with ourselves. It explores love, friendship, duty, fear and secrecy and I kept turning the pages way past my bedtime. Leary has a beautiful way with language and with constructing an atmosphere and building up her characters, layer upon gauzy layer. Her reveals are subtle and jarring, making for an unpredictable yet quite believable story. Initially I wondered whether I would like the protagonist, Charlotte, but by the end I had grown quite fond of her and wished I could read more about her and her family and what they will do next. I read a lot of books, so many get lost in the muddle of my memory, but I have a feeling I will be remembering this one for quite some time. This is a great, quick summer read, highly recommended! I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway and have written what I think is a fair and honest review. Thank you!