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The Nightingale

“But love has to be stronger than hate, or there is no future for us.” ― Kristin Hannah, The Nightingale


The Nightingale has managed to astound and sadden me by illuminating yet another realm of atrocities from the Second World War about which I was far too under informed. I had previously read only one by by Kristin Hannah, and was underwhelmed by it, so that I hesitated in starting this one. My wariness, however, was unfounded. The Nightingale is a wonderful, sad, highly memorable story of women, friendship, love, loss, bravery and history, woven together by smoothly intersecting POVs and time jumps and eloquent writing. If that doesn't say enough, I'll just add that I am really impressed with Hannah after reading this book, and have definitely changed my opinion about her writing. I was (obviously unfairly) expecting cheesy and predictable and got moving and accomplished. My only gripe is that something happened towards the end, which I found somewhat unbelievable and unfairly tragic - I know that sounds weirdly cryptic and tragedy is obviously going occur in such a story, but you'll know what I mean, I think, if you read the book. But even this comes to a reasonably satisfying conclusion. I cannot imagine this won't be turned into a film, and I only hope the story is handled with sensitivity and the casting with care. This is not an easy book, but it is certainly highly recommended!

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