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The Life I Left Behind

"At this point it occurs to him she might be dead."

― Colette McBeth, The Life I Left Behind


THE LIFE I LEFT BEHIND is the second book I read by Colette McBeth, and in my opinion, the superior one. The story unfolds slowly, told by Eve and Melody, the two women attacked by the same killer, yet only one has survived. I really enjoyed the back and forth between characters and times, though this may annoy some readers, it certainly added to the sense of confusion felt by both women. I won't go too much into the plot, that is done very nicely already. The story is essentially a murder mystery, with a splash of the supernatural (ghostly narration by one of the women), and a chill of psychological creepiness. This book would be enjoyable for fans of Elizabeth Haynes, Sabine Durrant, Samantha Hayes, or Tana French. The mystery is well thought out, the voices believable and sympathetic, and I liked that this was not overly romantic, which often feels totally ill-at-place in a psychological thriller. All in all, I cannot wait for McBeth's next effort!