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The Drowning Girls

3.5 ****

I'm a little torn about giving this three or four stars. On the one hand, it was compulsively readable (or listenable - as I went for the audio-book), on the other, I felt the ending was a little dissatisfying and I didn't really connect with the characters. In part I think this had to do with the narration. The female narrator did all the teenager's voices in this really pronounced, petulant tone, which I found a bit grating, and she did the Australian character in a weird mish-mash or an Irish and unidentifiable voice, which was slightly funny, but also a little disappointing. Maybe I would have been more solidly impressed had I read the print version. Nonetheless, this was definitely a fast-paced, entertaining story, that felt eerily believable. I haven't read anything by this author, but would certainly be interested to in the future. Her writing is fluid and the plot tight that even so-so narration kept me engaged.