• Malia Zaidi

After the Lie by Kerry Fisher

3.5 **** There was a lot I liked about After the Lie by Kerry Fisher, but after about half-way through, I started to feel a bit bored. The big secret did not strike me as so huge or awful, but in a way Fisher does illustrate how easy it may be for a small-ish secret to spiral into something bigger, and that sometimes telling the secret is scarier than the secret itself. Anyway...the story was quite good, the characters felt real, but I didn't connect to Lydia, the protagonist. I thought she was not very nice, considering that she had a pretty good life and a kind family. Fisher is good at showing how the effects of a lie can eat away at one's peace of mind, which has consequences on all other areas of life. This much is true for Lydia, and though I could sympathize I also felt frustrated, because a lot of trouble could have been prevented if she had simply told her family about her "lie". This is my second book by this author, and I would read more in the future. While I had some issues with After the Lie, I did come away from it feeling quite satisfied with the ending and with the way Fisher developed the characters. Her style of writing is easy and eloquent, and I will keep my eye on her future books.

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